Pinnarendi StationStay & Cafe is a family run small business established in 2016.  We have owned and run businesses here since 2009 both in agriculture and earthmoving.  Prior to that we lived and worked here with Ron's Mum, Sister and Brother, while maintaining a job at Undara, where we met...

Ron is a fifth generation Atkinson farming this land.    We take a great deal of pride in our history and in our land and would love to get the opportunity to share the awesome adventure that is life here at Pinnarendi, with you.

We still run cattle here, we run a mob of about 200 head of breeders, they are mostly Brahman and Brahman x Red Brangus.

​We love food!  The caravan park actually came about by the need for Ron and Nadine to cook delicious food for people!  So, The Brick Oven Cafe was born...

Ron loves sourdough, be it bread or pizza base!  You can check out his bread making style most Mondays and Fridays, between Easter and October!  He also loves to smoke meat - all different types and cuts of meat, although for him, "it's hard to go past a good set of salt & pepper ribs!" 

​Nadine loves to bake delicious cheesecakes...homemade bickies, pickles and jams.  She also makes scrumptious evening meals, that are flavoursome and nutritious.
Ron & Nadine Atkinson
Out riding with our beautiful boys!